A Trip Down Memory Lane

Recently I went on a week trip to the east coast of Canada, mainly to attend my brother’s convocation in Ottawa, Ontario, but the family and I managed to squeeze a last minute Montreal day trip LOL. Ottawa is super nice, I remembered going there once a month with my parents when I was younger when I was still living in Montreal, Quebec.

20180612_210206Flying over the rockies at 8:30 pm as sun was setting down

Not much happened on the first day. We went around to look for places for breakfast since we arrived SUPER early, like at 7 am.  After breakfast at Cora, we “slowly” drove back to the hotel and napped in the parking lot waiting to be checked in and dropped off our luggage. Then we went around to explore the campus where my brother studied. I asked my Montreal friends how was the weather in the east coast adn every is like “oh it’s super hot, up to 30 C with humidity!” I packed all summer clothes. The day started out nice, then it was pouring like crazy and got super cold. WTF. Left Vancouver because of the rain, came to Ontario to greet by the rain. WTF.

I really wanted to go to the Canadian Museum of Nature. I remember when I was younger when I still lived in Montreal, I begged my parents to take me there for my birthday because they started a dinosaur exhibition. The place still brings me happiness even though it had been renovated a lot from 15 years ago. It still have the charms but I wish they have the “garden” again.

20180613_155454My “happiest” place in Canada 🙂

20180613_160246The big air-filled Jellyfish

20180613_163400The famous staircase

20180613_173459Some dinosaur displays

20180613_165449Aquatic animals exhibit

20180613_174347“Night” shot sort-off. I really want to take a pic of the building with the pretty lit up jellyfish but it started POURING from nowhere so I had to quickly snapped a picture, hence why picture is not centered properly /cries.

Montreal was really fun. I get to revisit some of my favorite places such as Vieux Port and where I grew up. We spent most of our time in Chinatown and Downtown, mainly Vieux Port.


20180615_140643Where the European feels start….~





20180615_144851Cutest gift shop building ever!

We also went to my old apartment and my old elementary school.. Then we visit my mom’s relative before driving back to Ottawa.

Can’t wait to go back again!




First Afternoon Tea date in 2018 with my bff! I think the last time I went was like 2-3 years ago at Fairmont LOL. Avery Cakes and Tea House is a really cute location. Very extra in terms of the French Victorian Decoration – I feel very much in the Marie-Antoinette era.

Interior Decoration


We ordered the Creamy Berry Tea for our tea set. I’m surprised that there is only 1 pot of tea even thought we ordered a set of afternoon tea for each of us. At other places that I’ve been for Afternoon Tea, we each get our own pot of tea. Towards the end, since we drink so much tea, the tea has no more flavored. 😦


Our Afternoon Tea set! Since it’s still their Winter/Christmas Menu, it comes with a Nutcracker decoration! Very cute!

20180110_125841We both ordered the Chicket Noodle Soup instead of the Red Bean Jelly

20180110_125741Bottom Tier: Savoury
Scallop and Prawns, Mini Scones with Salmon, Tuna Sandwiches, Fried prawn with salad, beef slider, Satay Chicken Kebab

20180110_125837Bottom Tier: Savory (Angle #2)

20180110_125746Middle Tier: Sweets (+ savory)
Croissant with Chocolate/ Matcha coating, Streawberry Fruit Tarts, Strawberry Mousse cakes, Beetroot cup with crab salad

20180110_130514(1)Top Tier: Mini Cakes
Yuji Matcha Green Tea roll with red bean cream and Chocolate Coconut cream log

20180110_125815Bonus Tier!
Mini Cream Puffs – Chocolate and Matcha

Price was on the expensive end – $49 per person. Food was average but the decor is stunning. I would go again for their desserts as some of them is seasonal. Slightly disapointed that it’s 1 pot of tea shared between 2 people. However, unlike other Afternoon Tea place, you don’t need to make a reservations days in advance.

Interested in going? Here’s their info down below

Avery Cakes and Tea House
112 – 4751 Garden City Road
Richmond, BC V6X 3M7
(604) 285-7771


Hong Kong Disneyland 2017

I can’t believe I went to Disneyland in October again, even though it’s a different Disney! So it’s still the same cute Disney Halloween Decor during my trip there. Nothing wrong with that, but I would like to see other Disney themed decor…

The weather predicted that it would rain for 2 weeks during my stay in Hong Kong but THANK GOODNESS they were wrong! Finally visited Toys Story Land that was opened in 2013 and also the newly built Iron Man ride that JUST OPENED this year! Can’t wait to go back in 2023 for the official opening of Marvel Land!


The gate to the most happiest place on earth!DSC04558Mickey’s fountain. Looks way better at night with the lighting~

DSC04559Entrance~ Same old, same old, with the pumpkin and Halloween color Mickey

Pumpkin Mickey! Continue reading

Hong Kong’s Harry Potter Theme Cafe – 9 3/4 Cafe

[Edit] I put the wands name on the pictures~~~ SOMEONE PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong and also help me find the missing names LOLOLOL

It’s been a long time since I have blogged about anything really.. But I’ve just came back from my 2 week trip to Hong Kong to visit some relatives and I went to some really awesome places that I just need to blog about!

The day before my flight, a friend of mine sent me an article regarding a Harry Potter themed cafe in Hong Kong and I JUST HAD TO put it in my “To-Go” list! I planned to go on October 6th, but it was reservation only and everything was booked until October 10! Luckily someone cancelled and I was able to do the Lunch/ Afternoon Tea session.


They have 3 seating sessions: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm for afternoon tea, 6:30 pm – 8:30 for dinner session 1, and 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm for dinner session 2.

The cafe is pretty small, yet cozy. I tried to take as many pictures as possible without disturbing any of the people that are already sat down  LOL. Also, since the place is super small and everyone are up and about taking pictures, it was really hard to take pictures with good angle, so these pictures doesn’t do the place justice (at least to my opinion haha)…

Also, I suggest to download a good translation app on your phone or bring someone that can READ Chinese, as the Menu is in Chinese. It would be fun of understand the menu because each dish and drink have a reference to the things in Harry Potter!

20171010_142528There is a trolley that is going through the platform at the entrance~

20171010_142836As you enter the cafe, there is Harry’s trolley – Hedwig on a half entered trolley 🙂

20171010_142922The seats are decorated with images of Patronus~

20171010_142927More Patronus chairs, they also provide a clean basket where you can put your stuff! If you have been to Hong Kong, you’ll know how people carry their purse/bag + another bag for water bottle, umbrella, shopping goodies, etc XD

20171010_142932Mounted on the wall is a replica prop of the Nimbus 2000

20171010_142934Beside the Nimbus 2000, we have the Nimbus 2001

20171010_143027On the other side of the cafe, we have a shelf with all the magical books and a large crystal ball~ Divination class anyone?

20171010_143035The other shelf beside has books, magical knick knacks, wand boxes, scrolls – I wonder if those are students’ essays?

20171010_143127Our table with fake candle and glasses of water. THOSE GLASSES ARE MAGICAL! They can rock back and forth/ tilt but will never spill! Definitely a great magical touch! I google the glasses and you can find those on amazon here.

20171010_143311The Drink List – To be honest, this is only the first page! These basic drinks represent the 4 houses and of course we have the Butterbeer – which a nice take on the actual Butterbeer from Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The butterbeer was butterscotch soda topped with whipped cream. The other 4 drinks are soda with Aloe jelly at the bottom. Ravenclaw was blueberry flavored. The Gryffindor one was Mango flavored according to the lady beside our tale. Not sure about Slytherin and Hufflepuff. The waitresses are super busy so I couldn’t ask them.

Also, there are drinks that are in a “lightbulb” glass which make reference of “potions” in the Harry Potter universe. The drinks are equiped with an LED plastic ice cube thing to add a nice touch to the “potion” My understanding is that they have Love Potion (red duh – Strawberry), Polyjuice Potion (milk tea???), Felix Felicis (BRIGHT Yellow – cause gold is lucky? hahaha. Yes I know “Felix Felicis” is clear but the only clear drink is water and that’s not original or Vodka but that’s not kid friendly…) and Veritaserum (bright green)

20171010_143554Wands display! Seraphina Pickery wand is the prettiest (5th from the left) (Although I was told that it belong to Professor Trelawny’s by one of the waitress – cough cough hmm ). They also have wands from characters of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! So with the help of the internet  Universal Studio Online Store, Noble Collection, Harry Potter Shop, I managed to named the owners’ of the wands (BONUS POINT FOR PPL WHO CAN NAME THE ONE I CANNOT FIND!)

Left side (top to bottom):
Cho Chang, Lupin, ???, Harry Potter, Seraphina Picquery, Queenie Goldstein, George Weasley
Right side (top to bottom):
McGonagall, Percival Graves, Grindewald (??), Hermione Granger, Fred Weasley, Fenrir Greyback, Cedric Diggory, Death Eater (snake)

20171010_143658The other wand display!

Left Side (top to bottom):
James Potter, Luna Lovegood, Narcissa Malfoy, Dumbledore, Umbridge, ???? (Kinda looks like Snape’s but the other side has Snape’s…), Neville Longbottom, Death Eater (brown)

Right Side (top to bottom)
Draco Malfoy, Fleur Delacour, Sirius Black, Voldemort, Snape, Molly Weasly, Viktor Krum, Bellatrix Lestrange.

20171010_143841One of the wall has portraits LOL

20171010_1440499 3/4 Cafe’s version of Butterbeer

20171010_144057Of course I have to order the Ravenclaw drink because I’m a Ravenclaw! Blueberry soda and grass jelly. Slight disappointed that it’s a murky purple instead of the BRIGHT BLUE colored from the menu…

20171010_144341Onion rings (I couldn’t read/ understand the chinese after being translated by Uncle (who isn’t a HP fan) so not sure what reference this dish is from the book)

20171010_144948Cheese on fries with roasted ham – again don’t know what the dish is reference is to the book

20171010_145452Aragog’s salad – if I understand the Chinese that my uncle said correctly LOL.

20171010_151917Cheesy Broccoli – Forbidden Forest???? I’m not sure if I caught the translation right hahaha….

20171010_153330Wand props that guests can take to pose with!!! Of course Harry Potter’s glasses props!

20171010_153459As I was leaving, I saw this private party room! I jsut had to go in to take pictures! The panel is the image of the Great Hall which chairs representing each of the 4 houses!

20171010_153519THERE ARE EVEN FLOATING CANDLES AS LIGHT DECORATION! Another shelf of magic books and of course, the Sorting Hat!

I wish the menu was translated into English because if I didn’t have my uncle to go with me, I wouldn’t be able to order. Also, this place is cash only so remember to go to the ATM before going to the cafe!

For more enquiries please visit 9 3/4 Cafe’s Facebook Page here

4/F, Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street, Mong Kok


Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

Author Note: I haven’t written in a blog post since forever. There are just too many things happening in my life that I forgot that I have this type of outlet LOL. But here is just some snippet that I thought I should share with the internet and MAYBE I can help out someone out there… Even though no one really read my blog anymore… But this is super important so I’m going to make a quick post. I might revisit here and reedit.. but at the moment I just want to let this out before I change my mind.

I never thought that it would EVER happen to me. When I was going to school, there were lots of class sessions mentioning about compassion fatigue and burn out because being a Veterinary Technician is a stressful career. I never thought I would one day, fall victim. Growing up in a traditional Asian family, my mindset is a little bit different – we would push ourselves beyond our limits, pain is only temporary, always suck it up and do it because our parents been doing so for a long time. So I’ve been doing that – enduring stressful situations one day at a time, affected by other people’s anxiety etc, dealing with incompetent people and these eventually took a toll in my mental state.

Image Source:  Sander Training

Eventually, I was at a breaking point – I dread going to work, I distanced myself from my coworkers (even though I really want to be buddies buddies with them), take awfully LONG naps (2+ hours), started to look forward to weekends and STAT holiday where I plan to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, started to feel that being ALONE is FUN that I don’t want to go out with ANYONE etc.

Because of these changes affected my life productivity in negative ways and made me hate myself, I decided to go to counseling. Luckily, my work benefit do offer this type of service for free because OMG, counseling sessions are EXPENSIVE af.

However, it was the smartest decision that I’ve made in 2017. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was The counselor was easily approachable and got me to open up quite easily (I’m someone that tend to keep feelings in). Trust me, it is SO much better to tell your worries to an unbiased problem because even thought I rant to my best friend, they would take my side so like nothing really is solved… I meet my counselor biweekly, or at least I tried, because she does have limited spots. She help me set biweekly goals that are challenges that I am comfortable in facing to decrease my stress and anxiety.

At least with me, I feel like different after just 2 sessions – lighter, happier, and less guilty. Compassion Fatigue is real and I cannot stress that it is important to get professional help. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

One of the suggestion was journaling – and I’ve been doing that around November 2016 -January 2017 but stopped because my days was being uneventful and sometimes I have to write 2 entries at once because I couldn’t keep up with daily writing as I was too tired. But I restarted it and just write a few points as opposed to a long entry and it is actually SO MUCH EASIER. I bought stickers and colourful markers for it. I even dug out felt markers from my high school days to decorate each entry. I used to roll-eyes at Pinterest but now I use it on daily basis to get inspiration (I EVEN GOT THE APP FOR IT) for journal header.


I’m still experimenting with the layout and header designs so it’s not that uniformed.. but I still love it!


I could write so much more on this topic but I decide I should stop there. I didn’t want to write about it in the first place because I feel embarassed and ashamed. So I rather quickly make a post here before I get cold feet. So this entry is not very well edited, I’m sorry. But I hope it helps someone out there.


Kailijumei Lip Jelly -Prettiest Lipstick Ever!

I’m late to the party but a few months ago, when I first saw the Kailijumei Flower Lip Jelly Lipstick from Instagram, I was immediately awestruck-ed. I REALLY WANTED to get one but I couldn’t find a legit source for them. The website that I found was sold out and I didn’t really trust e-bay so I gave up looking after a while…

These Flower Lip Jelly Lipsticks were all over the internet – blogs, magazine, social media etc but there were not many websites that compare the fake ones and the legit ones, hence why I was a bit hesitant to buy it from online sources that I came across from.

However, my friend recently went back to Taiwan and she brought me back one as a souvenir that she purchased at a popular make up/ skin care store. So yay! Now I have one of my own. When I opened it, I knew that I have to blog it!

The packaging! Simple yet elegant looking.

The color she got me was Dream Purple. I found that the packaging is nice, but the sticker that indicate the color of the lip jelly is so obnoxiously large. The color sticker is on the box itself and not on the outside wrapping that I peeled off…

dsc04536The inside packaging. The tube seemed heavy in pictures but it’s actually really light weight compared to other lipstick packaging. There is a mirror in the back.

dsc04537The LIP JELLY LIPSTICK! It’s so pretty!!! The gold flecks and the purple flower! (Although the flower is off centered… OTL). The lip jelly do have a fragrance to it, and to me, it smell slightly of grapes. It also have this weird plastick-y smell to it which masked a bit of the grape fruity smell.

The color is really sheer. It appeared to be a light pink when I swatched it on the back of my hand. I tried it on and my lip turned to a fuschia colored. It does have a slight plastick-y taste to it which doesn’t bother me too much. Overall, the color looks really pretty on my lip and I’m happy with the product. AND IT IS SO SO SO GORGEOUS (I’m a sucker for pretty packaging as you people know LOL).

[Quick Review] Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Pink and Cherry Hot Pink

Wow I haven’t written a post here for soo long… I’ve been so busy that I’ve forgotten this blog totally existed! Also I have been immerse in really good novel recently so that took most of my time.. haha. I was going to this review earlier but life happened.

Remember how I reviewed the Etude House Cherry Tint in Cherry Peach last year? I finally got my hands on the 2 other colors that the tint is available in – Cherry Pink (PK001) and Cherry Hot Pink (PK002). Both shades are absolutely GORGEOUS and the scent is very pleasant as well. I like to wear the Cherry Pink in the morning but a night out, Cherry Hot Pink makes my makeup more bold.


Both shades look really light colored, but don’t let that fool you, they are actually really dark. The Cherry Peach that I reviewed last year is more subtle. while the Cherry Pink and Cherry Hot Pink shades can be worn on its on (without to top up with a lip color).


Definitely recommend this product for all of those of you that likes lip tint. It’s not sticky  and heavy so it’s perfect for all occasions, and the lasting power is pretty great! The color is actually pretty vibrant so don’t get fooled by the lightness when you first apply!