2020 Year End Thoughts

It’s almost the 25th if December and I have two more full work day until I go on my Winter break. I CANNOT wait!!

I always wanted to write a end of year blog post to summarize all the wins and the life lessons I’ve learn over the year but then it seems I already made quite a few summaries from my previous posts during my city’s modified lockdown/social distancing/ whatever the health authorities call it these days…

Also, this nis my first time blogging on my phone since it is easier to edit pictures on my phone than goinf through multiple steps to uploading on pc –> insert watermark and edit brightness brightness on an app –> upload to here. So let see how I like this new system. Maybe there will be more blog post afterall. (Edit: pictures kept on failing to upload so back to the old school blog post edits)

Before I continue, let me tell y’all about the new festive donuts from Tim Hortons. And this year they have a polar bear donut! It was so hard to get one since they are seasonal and always the first to sold out. Imagine my excitement when I finally able to grab one at this one location. HOWEVER, JOKES ON ME BECAUSE THERE WAS NO FILLING WTF?!?! I felt so played :'(. (At first I didnt know that it had fillings until my friend and youtuber reviews told me about it).

So I went to search for another polar bear donut at another location to try again. It took forever, but I was able to get my hands on one that has FILLINGS!!!

Looking back at my tarot spread that I did at the beginning of the year, 2020’s theme is Temperance which is so true! Need to find balance in everything to not break down. Looking back, I definitely hit a few bumps and slowly I was able to learn to manage those challenges without causing myself emotional stresses. * pats self on the back * haha

Also September- October 2020 I started to focus on arts and crafts that made me super happy! I started an Etsy (DreamingInPastels) too so please take a look at my art if you like Harry Potter and anything related to the Wizarding World!!

I even made backing cards by myself!! I am so proud of myself even though I only have m5 customers so far!

Also, since there are no Anime Convention to go to this year, I figured I’d order from my friend KawaiiBoku‘s shop to fill the pins/stickers buying void… LOL. Thanks KawaiiBoku for your cute merch! Everyone please go check her shop out!

2020 Sh*tshow Continues

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse.. it did… So where did I left off from last post? September 2020… right…

October 2020
✧ Started quite ok. I ordered a really cute Ravenclaw dress from Blackmilk Clothing with the bestie (she ordered the Hufflepuff dress) and we wore them to take pictures at the Pumpkin patch! Since we never taken cute pics with pumpkins before, might as well this year. We woke up SUPER early to get dressed and got some Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes to wake up us since we were super tired from planning the the shoot the night before.

✧ My aliexpress order started to come in and I started making a few charms for myself and I officially opened a BigCartel and Etsy store!!

✧Neverland Tea Salon had a really cute pumpkin shaped cake for the Month of October so the bestie and I ordered it to eat it on Halloween day.


November 2020
✧ Mommy’s bday! We order a cake and ate it ourselves. Also not long after, the province’s health minister ordered a 2 week modified lockdown between regions, also no gatherings except with intermediate household. I can’t visit my bestie anymore (even though she only gets 1 visitor DURING THE ENTIRE PANDEMIC). WELP. Gonna miss you fren.

✧ Etsy store news: I MADE 1 SALE!!! YAYAY Though it’s from a person at work but still 1 SALE!! 🙂 I also added more stuff on Etsy.

✧ Modified ‘Lockdown’ (not even lockdown cause it’s not enforced) has been extended to December. Omg.. The last 2 weeks have been horrible. Staying at home during my off day with idiots increased my anxiety and depression level.

✧Went to RMT and finally, first Physiotherapy session… Got lots of things to work on ;_;

✧ Made another sale on Etsy! Yay!

I can’t believe it’s almost December!! It seems only yesterday that I came back from DisneyWorld!!!

-To be edit later with pictures if I can find picture to put on here….-

2020 So Far

Haha.. I thought I would blog more wayy back in March/April since I started to write about my Disney vacation from January… and I thought with the self isolation and everything, I’ll have more time… but it turned out I got lazy and got super unproductive and totally forgot my goal oops. Can’t believe it’s September and I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING, THANKS A LOT COVID

March 2020
Lockdown started officially on March 13. Slowly but surely my work place got reduced hours and there are some days I do work from home. It was pretty chilled for a while and I get to wear comfy clothes. Only things that was stressful was gearing up to go groceries shopping and wiping down literally everything upon entry into house. Also mom and I started sewing masks out of fabric and the craft store ran out of fabric lol. Bff celebrated my birthday quarantine style.

April 2020
April was still pretty ok. Bff got me into diamond painting so I bought a kit out of Aliexpress… Not going to get here till June LMAO. Also work has been super chill with reduced hours and the roads are super empty making driving not as stressful as before Yay. Been making soo many batch of bbt LOL cause I really craving bbt… Also ubereats bbt is kinda expensive with tax and tips…. so I made my own.

May 2020
The city is still in isolation mode/lockdown. Celebrated bff’s birthday quarantine style again. LOL. At this point I was slowly going insane being cooped up all the time which is a big deal, being the giant introvert that I am.

June 2020
My diamond painting finally arrived. I downloaded Harry Potter audiobooks while doing it… Really relaxing hobby.

The final product!

The city started opening up and a lot of people thinks COVID is gone which makes me SOOO ANXIOUS when I go out and do groceries cause the crowds!! I started becoming depress and anxious and I started going to counselling which wasn’t really helping cause my case was closed after 3 weeks…

July 2020
Started becoming more anxious and stress out cause work people are all worked up about something. Also July is usually happy, warm and sunny. Not this year. It’s raining and cold and gross.. Ew. Also, lots of COVID cases spiked CAUSE PPL ARE IDIOTS. I also took a mental day off and went to eat at Grams. cause I was missing Japan.

Fuwa Fuwa pancakes

Then there was this CCS thing I really wanted from Toreba and my friend helped me got it. Also, my game somehow glitched and I managed to win a figure. LOL.

Mini Dream Wand!

My complexe’s pool FINALLY opened and I went for a swim with my mermaid tails… The pool looks nice but it killed my tails due to the concrete bottom. At least I got cute pictures out of it. Luckily, every time I went, I got the whole pool to myself…

Bff’s and my Finfolk Productions Fabric tails.

Because I am so depressed being cooped up at home with no ppl to hang out with. I keep driving to bubble tea shop to get drinks… which are my 10 minute field trip of the day…

Yi Fang’s Doraemon Promo
i though the straw has Doraemon on it but turned out it was only for the packaging….

I also bought another Diamond painting kit lol…

August 2020
This was a sh*t month. Normally I would do lots of cosplay making but there is no anime convention at all this year since our convention centre got converted into an emergency standby COVID hospital in case the city run out of space at the hospital. WHICH WAS MAJOR DEPRESSING CAUSE I HAVE NO DRESS UP OR PUT ON MAKEUP AND SEE MY FRIENDS IN A LONG A$$ TIME. My depression and anxiety were spiralling so much that I have to seek out another counselor again.

Also, my sibling that I don’t get along called to say he is moving back like 4 days BEFORE HE ARRIVES and there was a sh*tshow drama at my house to get him to quarantine regardless he is from the same country cause plane rides are a risk… and he is bringing his s/o… In the end… my fam ended up self isolating so I didn’t see my 2 friends in my smol circle for 2 weeks. I WAS BORED AF… Luckily, my second diamond painting kit arrived… and I’ve been doing that and keeping myself occupied by researching on Mortgages, budgetting and looking for places to move out cuz I really can’t stand more family drama and my mental health hit rock bottom…

Frozen Diamond Painting kit framed!

I went out to get Starbucks and this stupid sign was out on August 16 2019. THIS IS TOO EARLY FOR PUMPKIN SPICE WTF SUMMER ISN’T OVER YET (even though it never came…)

Starbucks, seriously?????

September 2020
My mental health slowly went to sh*t. Luckily my annual vacation is almost here… I have planned soooo many things.. hopefully I’ll be better during then…

All the forest fire from the West Coast from the States is affecting Vancouver so much… It got all smoggy here on the 11th… The air quality went to sh*t. Also, there was a fire across the bridge where the harbour promenade caught ablaze (it was just renovated too) so the air got super toxic and gross… Urg.. Also, couple of shooting in my city.. yea so far.. 2020 is sh*t but at least I get to do a lot of arts and craft during my time off… Yay shrinky dinks and sketching…

ALSO… The annual vacay, I was suppose to fly to HK to visit my grandmothers and relatives but that didn’t happened because travelling is not safe and also required 14 days self isolation to and from which is basically my whole vacay wtf. ALSO… THE TIME THAT MY VACAY ALIGNED WITH A CCS EVENT IN HK AND I CANNOT GO WTF WTF F*CK YOU ALL YOU COVIDIOTS FOR MAKING INTERNATIONAL TRAVELING UNSAFE. I’m f*cking beyond disappointed.

On the plus side.. I finished reading KnY and rewatched the series cuz movie is coming out in Oct.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2019

Another 2019 post in the year 2020 cause 2020 never happened. LOL.

I wasn’t going to post this because I got lazy but since we’re all in self-isolation, might as well write a few blog posts even though they are so outdated.

Like the last post mentioned, I went to HK by myself and I decided to stop by Disneyland by myself but then, one of my aunt really wanted to go as well so she skipped work to go with me LOL.


Taking the MTR to Disneyland!


Got here after the opening cause my aunt was late LOL.


Mandatory Mickey Mouse and whale fountain picture

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Card Captor Sakura Themed Dim Sum

April 19 2019 [Late post haha…Finally have time to post this!]

Last year I went to Hong Kong by myself to just visit people and do some shopping. Before I got scheduled to fly out from Vancouver my friend send me a Facebook link that there was a Cardcaptor Sakura themed dim sum pop up and said that I have to go! Because I am such as CCS fan, I immdediately forward that to  my aunt and she helped me made reservation. My aunt, uncle, and cousin got curious so they wanted to come as well – which is great news because I get to try many things on the menu!!




Didn’t take much pictures of the inside pop out restaurant…


The windows are decorated with the characters!!!


More characters, and there are big, clear cards in between the windows!!


Clear cards!!


Our table was Suppi and Kero~~~

Also, seating for dim sum is only for an hour so have to eat fast. WTF HK ppl eat so fast!!!


Chopsticks wrapper is also printed~


Other side… and before you asked.. Yes i brought the clean one home.. hahaha


Placemat. I also asked for a new one to hoard. LOL


I keep seeing people with fans, so I asked for one LOL… My aunt also wanted one.. LMAO


The fan is double sided!!!

Onto the Menu~~~ I regret not taking pictures of every single page.. 😦 However, only half of the menu are Sakura themed, and the other half was normal dim sums…






Sakura Taro Bun


This is my favorite! Kero Steamed Egg Custard Bun!! HE IS SUPER BIG


Sakura Shrimp Dumplings


Deep Fried Spring Rolls stuffed with shrimp.

My aunt is like “if you want the character toothpick thingie I’ll go the washroom and wash it for you” LOLOL. Spoiler alert: I’m not that kind of hoarder… but they ARE CUTE.

I was tempted to the one that were on Popsicle sticks since they are cleaner…. hahahah but I didn’t…


Character steam rice rolled with shrimp. I’m so glad they include Yuna D Kaito!


Got a Sakura Lychee yogurt drink~ I immedidately took out the cup sleeves cause I didn’t want to get it wet/soggy… hahaha

Experience was super duper AWESOME and it felt too short. Also, the seating was kinda weird but I had fun!

The shopping center was really fancy as well! Hope to come back when they have another interesting theme!

No. 100 Nathan Road
L308, 3/F
Tsim Sha Tsuim Kowloon, Hong Kong




Orlando Florida 2020 – Flight Back to Canada

Slept in a bit on the morning of January 14, but not really because Cera and I needed to get up kinda early to finish packing and head to a dumb presentation for TimeShare       _:(´□`」 ∠):_ When we were checking in a few days ago, this really SUPER happy concierge was babbling about how we get a gift card just by listening a presentation for a few hour and we agreed cause a) we wanted to get to our room ASAP and he was just going on and on b) free money for more merch shopping…


White chocolate for early snack LOL… Didn’t finish my dessert from Be Our Guest Dining.

I remembered being tuned out and just disagree with everything and the saleslady gave up on me. Yep. She also asked us what time we need to leave to the airport and I guess 10:30 am doesn’t really registered with her.

We promptly left at 10:30 to head back to our rooms to grab our luggage and lo-and-behold, our key bands didn’t work and it seems like our room was locked and housekeeping was reading to clean the room. щ(ºДºщ)

W.T.F. We were told that our check out time can be push back if we agree to go to that dumb presentation but I guess concierge didn’t really COMMUNICATE with the rest of the front staff/put a note in the file…  So Cera went down, all the way to reception, to yell talk to the front staff and I stay guarding the door to prevent housekeeping from happening.


Angrily going to the wait corner….

Somehow I have both of our phones so the communication line is down… HAHA we are so smart… Cera made it back and apparently the lock system automatically lock at 9 am as it is the regular check out time. ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ Right…

We grabbed our luggages and off to the airport with Mears transport, this time the driver was super duper nice!

Got to the airport at 11 am, plenty time to spare with last minute shopping at Universal Studios store, go through TSA and walk to the gate…

Boy we were wrong…

Checking in went relatively well and we went to the Universal Studios store to get some some last minute merch like pins, overpriced journals, and luggage accessories. Store clerk was super nice and wrapped our purchase super well for us! He was just a bit chatty so early in the morning (even though it’s like 11 am ish LOL)

Then, we made our way to TSA and our carry-on suitcase got flagged… WTF. So we have to line up for examination which took &^#@(^ FOREVER. We were behind a couple with kids who also got their luggages flagged. Poor kid was crying since the TSA needed to swab baby formula… (; ̄Д ̄)

Throughout the TSA line, there was only ONE agent assign to do second examination… Like why?! And the lady was SUPER SLOW. щ(ಥДಥщ) whyyyyy

Cera and I have to sit in the corner with frustrated parents and their fussy kids for SO SO SOOOO LONG.

Finally, after what seems like forever, we got called. It turned out, the Time Turner was the item that got flagged because it looked suspicious on the scanner.. W.T.F. Also, luckily,  a new TSA agent checked our suitcase and he knew that our Harry Potter merchs are totally harmless and sent us on our merry way.

We stopped by the lounge to grab a light lunch. There was a candy bar with GUMMY BEARS!! 😀 Made me so happy after TSA stress.

We left the airport lounge about an hour before our flight to slowly head to the gate. We have to take the airport train to our gate. The sign told us to take the train on the right and we did, but it was weird, because it doesn’t seemed to stop at the gate that we wanted. SO we took the same train back and decide to ask an airport staff just in case.

While waiting for the next train, an airport staff said that there is a faster way to get to our termial/gate and that he can guide us through the shortcut. Great! Since this dude knows his way at the airport, we decide to trust him and hopped into the airport train on the left.


The door that were suppose to open didn’t because the other side of the terminal had constructions going on so the only exit is to leave security…. The staff was really nice and tried to reason with the airport train staff to either a) open the door on the other side of the train or b) send us back with the same train.


This train is one way and one way only… and WE HAVE TO LINE UP THROUGH TSA AGAIN FFFFFFFFFFFF (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/

The airport staff was really apologetic and convince one of the TSA agent to let us through the shortest line – the disability line *sigh*… Better than nothing. While in line, Cera was furiously unpacking her Time Turner from the suitcase, cause there is NO WAY we are letting that merch get flagged again. We don’t have time to waste because boarding literally started as we were waiting at TSA.

Cera refilled her empty Gillyweed water bottle from the lounge and because no liquids are allowed through TSA, the bottle was, unfortunately, got tossed out. RIP Gillyweed bottle. I guess we’ll get a new one in 5 years LOL.

So we made our way through the detectors…


…angrily made out way through TSA.. AGAIN

And our carry-on suitcase and duffel bag came out the scanner without any trouble. Cera took the suitcase and Time Turner and went into a corner for speed packing, while I wait and grab my stuff, our shoes to be out of the conveyor belt so we can run to our gate.

We made it with 10 minutes to spare. I was not ready to cardio at the airport…

After a few hours, we landed at Houston, Texas for our super short layover. I also went to pick up a souvenir mug from Starbucks for mom cause she collect ridiculous heavy, mugs and she was being picky with the Disney mugs…

Went to the Centurion lounge again for snacks and coffee. I didn’t get drunk this time with free alcohol… yay me.

We got a nice doggo sitting in our aisle 🙂 The flight back was ok, was able to distract myself from a fussy kid that was sitting in the row behind. That kid, omg, was not disciplined well because she was having a severe tantrum THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. Cera almost turned around to yelled at the parents for their poor parenting. The poor lady was clutching her dog in distress cause she was SOOOOOOO anxious and annoyed.

Made it back to Vancouver to – 0 degree and SNOWING and it was SNOWING real hard to the point that there was a snow day, 2 days after we got back. I’m glad, I bought a warm jacket LOL


Touching down at YVR airport…






DisneyWorld – Be Our Guest Dining Experience

January 13 2020

When Cera and I visited Disney World back in 2015, we tried eat at Be Our Guest but us dumb dumb didn’t realized that people literally made reservations for this restaurant 180 days prior. Us local food tried to wait at the standby line hoping someone would cancel last minute.. that didn’t happened.


I was prepared this time around and made reservation WAYYY back in July before EVEN getting flight tickets, accommodation, and park tickets…

Got reservation super early so we can make our way to the Fireworks show without having to rush.


Beast Castle




There was a whole tile mosaic murale of Belle and Beast but we were too busy ooohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing that none of us took picture of it… So dumb… (we also didn’t take picture of the restaurant sign.. we’re super dumb when we’re excited-hungry)





We sat in the Grand Ballroom!! The back window has the winter scene from the movie and has snowfall scene!!


Mandatory picture of the Menu. We chose the Three Courses Prix Fix menu which is $62 USD/person


Starting with Baguettes and butter…


I chose French Onion Soup as my appetizer


.. And my entrée was Herb-Salted Tenderloin


Cera went with the Maine Lobster Bisque as her appetizer..


And her entrée was Spice-Dusted Lamb Chops


The dessert trio is my favourite!!! Rose jam macaron (?), dark chocolate truffle filled with dark chocolate, Grand Manier ganage, white chocolate “Chip” cup with grey stuff and crisp pearls on top of edible paper (wasn’t good, don’t recommend LOL aesthetic only!)


Chip!!! made of entirely of white chocolate filled with “the grey stuff!!!” Can we talk how cute he is?!

After eating, we went to explore the other 2 dining rooms at Beast Castle – The Rose Gallery and The West Wing.  Cera also told me to bring my camera to the washroom because we thought the washroom was fancy… it wasn’t.

The Rose Gallery is really cute! There are several pictures depicting Belle’s life inside Beasts’ castle with Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs Pott and Chip…








And in the middle of this room is a music box of Belle and Beast with a Rose motive light!!


Music box from Maurice

The music box is similar to what they have at Hong Kong Disneyland (Royal Banquet Hall), except painted and WAYYYYY prettier…


Pic taken at HKDL in 2019… The main couple on display there was Princess Aurora and Prince Phillipe…(way to play favourite HKDL)

The West Wing has the Enchanted Rose on display… The petal actually falls!!!


The room has shredded tapestries similar to the moving. The room also have storm noises and when the thunder claps, the broken portrait will change… That only occur every 20 minutes and Cera and I stood in the room like weirdos just staring at the wall and other strangers eating their dinners…



And after that, we went to The Study and took picture with Beast! Be Our Guest Restaurant is the ONLY place where you can meet and take picture with Beasts in DisneyWorld!! Sadly, he doesn’t sign autographs…


Overall, it was a magical experience and I am so happy I was able to go before EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN CAUSE OF COVID19!!!!

It was a lot of food for $62 USD/person. We packed the desserts to go because we were sooooo full!!! Maybe next time, we will ask to go in just for a picture of the tile mosaic mural.






Orlando Florida 2020 Day 4 – DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom

January 13th 2020

We woke up extra early to get dress and do our makeup because today’s Disneybound outfits are extra cute!! I went as Rapunzel bound and Cera went as Cinderella.

Took an uber to get to the Disney Ferry Boat. We opted to take the ferry ride since it’s more scenic than the monorail, and also good light for selfies. XDD



First time seeing Christmas decor at Disney! Now I have seen normal, Halloween, Easter, and Christmas!


We also lined up a lot for characters today but the main, MAIN thing was Be Our Guest dining that I made reservations for in July 2019!

Screenshot_20191130-001255_Disney World

Screenshot of the reservation all the way back in July 2019!!!

Cera and I started out our day by taking lots of pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle when it is less busy, since we don’t want people in the background LOL.

Rapunzel Bound outfit: Top and Skirt from YesStyle, lace belt from night market in HK
Cinderella Bound outfit: Lace Cardigan and Romper from night market in Taiwan, denim headband from Ardene. Originally, this romper was going to use but wayyy too low cut LOL. Similar outfit can be found on YesStyle (something like this and this)

Not sponsored by YesStyle but it will be amazing if we do! AHAHHAHAHHA *Ahem*

After, we made our way to Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland to meet (…pictures and autographs) Cinderella and Elena. After we left and went back in for Rapunzel and Tiana meet-and-greet. Luckily, we have a fast past for this side for the Fairytale Hall since the wait was 2 hours THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING WUT.

Since we are already in Fantasyland, we thought to going on Peter Pan’s Flight but the wait was 3 HOURS. WTF. So we thought of coming back later in the day, but the attraction broke down… 😦 Instead, we went to Ariel’s Grotto for pictures and meet-and-greet.

Started to head over to Tomorrowland, where our next FastPasts going to be (Space Mountain). Since we got there early, and our FastPasts weren’t activated yet, we decide to line up to meet Stitch, but the line was moving super slow so we left and went to Space Mountain.

Asked if we could have front-row seat because of some horrific incident 5 years ago, back seats are a no-no. Surprisingly, the cast member at Space Mountain was so nice to let us have the whole front cart to ourselves (we said that we wanted to buy the pictures from the attraction HAHAH).

After that, we head over to Monsters, INC Laugh Floor since the wait to meet Stitch was still pretty long. It was just as fun as I remembered! We finally able to line up for Stitch as the wait line outside is about 20 minutes.


While in line, Cera noticed that her phone is not on her person nor her bag. She started freaking out and left the line to head back to Space Mountain because that’s the last time her phone was in her hands. I stayed in line to keep our space.

Apparently, the Cast Member at Space Mountain wouldn’t let her back into the attraction to check, so they have to paged the Cast Members working INSIDE Space Mountain. After some back-and-forth, the Cast Member at the FP+ line was able to confirm that they did find a phone in one of the carts. Cera went in through the FP+ line and did her walk of shame going to the front of the line. However, everyone was really nice and understanding and gave her words of encouragement to find her phone.

When Cera got to the front of the line, the Space Mountain Cast Member reunited her with her phone and EVERYONE in the FP+ line started a standing ovation, clapping and cheering LOLOLOL HAHAHA 😂 😂 😂


I’m still in line for Stitch Encounter and of course, the line started moving REAL FAST when Cera left. I let like 2 people behind me move in front, explaining how I’m waiting for my friend who lost her phone in Space Mountain LOL.

I think I must have spam her phone with “PLZ MSG BACK WHEN U FOUND UR PHONE!!!!” and “HELLO U THERE?!”. No answered.. What was 20 minutes felt like 3 hours… Then I FINALLY got a message from Cera and she found her phone and was heading back.

Queue was still moving REALLY fast.

I was about 5th in the queue and LUCKILY, Cera magically showed up!!! YAY. The person in front of my gave my spot back when he saw Cera came. Thank you kind sir!!

Somehow, Cera had an empty Dasani water bottle and her phone in her hand before the ride and she left Space Mountain with the empty water bottle and not her phone… =__=. I’ve had a phone scare the day before at Epcot and Cera, actually have a phone scare. LOL.

We went to Adventureland to get some Dole Whip Soft-serve at Aloha Isle after the stressful event!!


Then we saw that Aladdin and Princess Jasmine had a meet-and-greet so we lined up for that. Since we were already in Adventureland, I suggested to go on Pirates of the Caribbean attraction since the wait was short and I really wanted to get away from the sun. Cera begrudgingly agreed LOLOL since she said the ride was a bit boring and she went on it a lot before…


HOWEVER, there was update because the animatronics were super realistic!! I guess the ride got an upgrade after the newest movie in the series got released. Cera tried to ask a cast member when the renovation happened but the cast member was like: “It has been always like this!!” =_______=. Unhelpful, guess they can’t break away from their characters during work hours.

Made our way to Frontierland to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad since we have FastPasts for it. After we made our way back to Fantasyland to look for some Dumbo merchs. We stopped by The Haunted Mansion at Liberty Square.

We went back to Fantasyland to Big Top Souvenir for Dumbo merch. The shop was a circle and Cera and I got seperated and couldnt find each other since we were walking in ONE direction in a circular shop LMAO.

We got hungry so we bought some cute snacks.


After reserving a giant Dumbo to be pick up at The Emporium later, we made our way to Fairy Garden to meet and get pictures with Merida. On our way there a Photopass Cast Members chased after me and ask if I wanted to take some pictures by the tower but we were in a hurry to the Merida’s meet-and-greet. It was very sweet of the Cast Member!! Customer services are A+++!!

After meeting Merida, Cera and I ran back to Cinderella castle to take pictures with Anastasia and Drizella since Cera was Cinderella bound that day. The step-sisters were actually REALLY nice and fun talk to! XDD


At last we went to Beast Castle for the Be Our Guest Restaurant. I will post a seperate entry for it since this entry is SUPER LONG already!!

After dinner, we went to find Rapunzel’s lantern because I heard that the lantern will be lit after sunset forphoto-op opportunities. We were going to find the lantern before dinner but it was still super bright out. But after dinner, it was SO DARK.

When we found the lantern, the queue was L.O.N.G and wrapped around the buildings… Some people said that lined up for almost 2 hours already and they weren’t even in the MIDDLE of the way. A guest said that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN HER LIFE… yep…


One reason why the line is SNAIL SLOW is because the Photopass Photographers takes a LONG time to take pictures of little kids… Apparently these lanterns are everywhere in DisneyWorld…

Gave up on the lantern, we ran back to Main Street U.S.A to find a good spot for the Happily Ever After Fireworks that starts at 8 pm. It was already packed!! Luckily, we found a spot, just outside Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.


After the fireworks, we went to The Emporium to pick up Dumbo and shop around. I ended up buying a giant Marie because of Cera being an enabler and it was buy 2 for $22 USD/each (original price at $40 USD or something like that).


After we got out of the store, apparently there is a projection show, Once Upon a Time, at the Cinderella Castle. We thought it was only for after-hour event passholders but apparently it isn’t. At least we managed to catch the last half of the show after our shopping 🙂

We left Magic Kingdom super late and took the Ferry ride instead of the Monorail because the line was absolutely horrendous. It was super easy to flagged an Uber so we got back to our accommodation really quickly.

Can’t believe 4 days just went by so quickly and we’re heading back home the next day. Also the weather was super nice, around 30 degree celcius!! Back in Vancouver, it is super cold and SNOWING.

We also did a lot of walking back and forth, so events might not occur chronologically… Luckily, Cera still have her itinerary draft on Google Doc.. HAHAHA…

Day 3 – Disneyworld Epcot
Day 4 – Be Our Guest Dining

Flight Home Post aka Gong Show at the Airport post











Orlando Florida 2020 Day 3 – DisneyWorld Epcot

January 12 2020

We got up early to get ready since we need to look cute in our Disneybound outfits! I went as Jasmine bound and Cera went as Cinderella bound (she also brought her Snow White Disneybound outfit to change into since Snow White was at Epcot and not Magic Kingdom. She planned to change back after taking a picture with Princess Snow White HAHAH SOOO EXTRA!)



Our New MagicBand 2!!

We mostly queued up for pictures and autographs with the Disney Characters and didn’t go on much rides since both of us aren’t big fans of the rides at Epcot. We did get FastPast for The Seas With Nemo and Friends, Frozen Ever After, and Mission Space.

We went to the Nemo ride but since it was super early and there was no line (park opened early for the Disney Marathon), we cancelled our FastPast and used it on another ride.


Not going to lie… the fishes look creepy


Mexico Pavillion

Then we ran to Norway Pavillion and meet Anna and Elsa because Frozen II just came out and they had new outfits. After taking pictures with the princesses, we went on Frozen Ever After attraction since the ride was fairly new.


We passed by China Pavillion to take picture with Mulan, than we walked over to Germany Pavillion to take pictures with Snow White. Cera changed out her outfit, but  by the time, we got to Snow White, a cast member told us she isn’t taking autographs till her designated meet and greet time… =_____=… And because the Disney Marathon is going on, runners get priority to take pictures with Disney Characters… So Cera stayed in her Snow White bound outfit LOL… and we made our way to Morroco Pavillion so I can take pictures with Jasmine. Again, have to queue up with the marathon runners.


Made our way to France, wanted to take picture with Aurora and Belle, but line was ridiculously long… Then we rushed to our next ride (Soarin’ Around The world) since we got FastPasts.


This flower fell into my face into my eyeball… Some guests saw and started laughing at me and muttered: flower canonball… Pfft I totally heard you!!

Then I realized the picture that I took of Cera and Mulan didn’t saved cause her SNOW app doesn’t auto save so we have make our way back to the China Pavilion to take pictures with Mulan. Then we went back to Morroco Pavilion for Princess Jasmine meet and greet, and BACK to Germany Pavilion for Snow White meet and greet LOL.

After all that unplanned back and forth walking, we went to our next ride which is the Mission: Space. Because of all the walking I was getting hungry so I ate the granola bar that was in my bag. Big mistake. I got so dizzy after the ride, and Cera also pointed out that there are puke bags in case people do puke after getting off.

I’ve had a mini panic attack because I couldn’t find my phone and I thought that I left it on the ride, but turned out that I shoved in a back pocket in my bag. Little did we know, this is a foreshadowing of something. Thank you to the attraction cast members stopping the ride to help me look!

After the dizzying ride, we decided to walk it off by exploring the other pavilions of Epcot. We went to the France section and took pictures with Belle and Aurora for their meet and greets, then we went to the United Kingdom and took pictures with Mary Poppins and we made our way back and took pictures with Minnie, Mickey and Goofy. Goofy had a hard time signing his named since it was so windy and the pages keep flipping and he couldn’t hold the page down and the sharpie together… He ended up getting sharpie marks all over his hand HAHAHA…


We got hungry again and went to Germany Pavillion and got some snacks at Sommerfest. THE SNACKS ARE SUPER HUGE PORTIONS WTF.


Nudel Gratin (Baked Macaroni with Cheese Custard) and Bratwurst (Fresh-cooked Brat with Roll and Sauerkraut and house-made paprika chips)

Then we got super thirsty and walked around Epcot looking for non-alchoholic beverage. It was super challenging.


Got a Frozen Slushy at the American Adventure Pavilion. Don’t remember where or what the drink is cause we’re too dehydrated to think XDD

We got super hungry again and Cera suggested we stop by a Starbucks to get a sandwich to share since she has plenty of Starbucks Stars. Turned out, stars can’t be redeemed at Disney Starbucks, and Cera got a bit hangry.. HAHA…(So sorry Epcot Disney Cast Member, your customer services are FANTASTIC!!! ❤ )

I made Cera ate her sandwich indoor, under the nice air conditioned roomed. She hangrily ate her sandwhich while muttering “stupid sbux won’t take my rewards” AHAHA (would be a bad choice eating something hot while walking the scorching concrete!)


^^^ Cera going to her seat while hangry… >v<

At this point, Cera mentioned that her Snow White bound outfit is a bit uncomfortable and I suggested she changed out since we already took picture with our Disneybound princesses. But she opt to not change so she has a comfier and clean outfit to wear tomorrow at Magic Kingdom.


France Pavilion


Somewhere in the France Pavilion


Japan Pavilion


We got hungry again and we to get a Mickey Mouse pretzel at Block & Hans at the American Adventure Pavilion


Fountain in Greece Pavilion. Cera and I made a wish in this fountain cause we have too many pennies…

We made our way to our last FastPast – Epcot Forever Firework. Cera decide to go get a cup of hot tea at Starbucks while I stay and guard out seats. The barista actually wrote “Fairest of them all” on her cup since she was Disneybounding as Snow White LOL.

After the firework, we passed by Mexico section and we saw a sign that this ride is like 5 minute wait, so we decided to check it out. It pointed us to go inside the Mexico Pavilion, we thought it was just a shop but it turned out to be a WHOLE CITY INSIDE AND A RIDE WTF LOL.

We were like “wuuuuuuuttttt” and just staring at the scene while people went around us and looking at us like we’re crazy LMAO


Shops, restaurants, and a ride?!?! WTF LOL


The Mexico Pavilion is all Coco themed! Super cute! Cera wanted to get a taco at this point LOL. Then since we have a bit of time left before the park officially closed, we went to line up for Frozen Ever After again. LOL


And that concludes our day at Epcot. While leaving the park, I was a bit sad cause I used the park map/guide to sit on while waiting for the fireworks and didn’t grab an extra. However, some cast members at the entrance was able to give me one even though they locked the self information kiosk! Thank you so much Disney Cast Members ❤️! I guess they are used having people ask for their Park Map/Guide last minute to kept as a momento!!

Despite having to navigate through the Disney Marathon runners, the day wasn’t too stressful and rushed. Also, we took SOOO MANY PICTURES with Disney Characters that our phone was ready to explode. And we did a lot of back and forth walking and running so whatever is written here might or might not be accurate…


WE ALMOST MISS OUR LYFT HOME BECAUSE WE WERE WAITING AT THE WRONG AREA LOL. We did speed running and omg cardio after a long day of running… ahaha I almost passed out on the ride back…

We stopped by Walgreens again to pick up more water and food for the next day.

Day 2 – Universal Studios Florida
Day 4 – DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom (coming soon)